Mythical machine

i really love the nights when i fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the early morning.  around 3 am there is a brief, deep calm in the neighborhood until out of nowhere, this throbbing mechanical and pressure-driven behemoth sounds it's call.

i always go to the window wondering what it is then through the haze of dust clouding the air like an old picture see the street-sweeper making it's way down the seymour st. granville off-ramp, the sound constant and pulsing at the same time as drive and sweep systems wail.  it moves by alone, as though everything stops in it's presence.  then it slips away and the 'hood goes quiet again for a respectful moment before a car goes by or a passer-by curses at their demons.

it's very surreal moment.


As expected

This is probably the sixth online log I've started, then left idle for months on end. Back in the day when the interweb tubes were but a single chute, Justin and CSotD inspired me to share what I did and found with anyone who cared to stop by.

It was what got me my first job in this career of mine, so it's kind of like that magician's assistant that makes the show work but gets none of the attention.

I got an iPhone recently and am one step closer to having the cyberdeck I've longed for since the first time I read Neruomancer. Once it moves beyond a touch screen interface to something more integrated, the dream will be made real... in a sense. If nothing else it might make me post more often.



I look back at 2007 as one of the best years of my life. I hope to say the same in 365 days and wish the same for you dear reader.

I have many desires and plans for this coming year, but instead of talking about it I will make efforts to be a man of action... stay tuned.


Go west...

My significant enabler and I moved to beautiful Vancouver British Columbia and so far things have been going well. After a couple of weeks with camping chairs and an air mattress, our worldlies have arrived and we are setting our new lair up just right.

Pictures to follow soon...


Some News

In no particular order...

I visited Vancouver B.C. a couple of weeks ago and my mind is still there + Bought a MIDI keyboard (the piano kind), someday I'll play 'Round Midnight + I have over 500 channels and DVR yet can't find anything interesting on TV + OC Transpo buses are still filled with bloody savages during rush hour periods + Facebook has pulled me in, it's like college dorm message boards + I'm tired now, time for bed.



It has been a while

As per my usual online journaling M.O., I start a new log then have a brief active period before completely losing interest or ideas for things to write about and have a long dry spell. It's been that way since back in the mid-90's when I first discovered HTML and started writing my first pages in a shell account on my ISP's web server. It's funny because those web pages were responsible for getting me my first job in the tech. industry, so I'm surprised I still turn my back on it so often.

This time, it is likely due to my recent changes in habit. I've gone from spending my days at work then nights staring at my laptop to spending my days at work and my nights holding a guitar. I tend to go through phases of intense electronic interfacing then neo-Luddite unplugging. So far though it's making me happier than I have been recently. Something about making noise always has.